Palm Harbor / New Port Richey

December 20th  2014 7:30pm

Dockside Boat Parade will be making a come-back this year!  In a new and better location!  The Parade is scheduled for Dec. 20th at the Dockside which is now located at the Magnuson Hotel and Marina in New Port Richey.  It was formerly the Ramada.  It will take place on Saturday, December 20th and benefit Wheelchairs 4 Kids.  We are still working ot the details, but we do know that there is a beautiful Winner’s Cup that will have the winning boat’s name and Captain engraved on it and that will be displayed in the Dockside Sports Bar N Grill for all to admire and envy!!  I will keep you in the loop as registration fees and what they include is determined.

Also, for those who don’t have a boat of their own – they can rent one at Windsong Boat Rentals located right on site.

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