April 9, 2016 – April 10, 2016

Show times: 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tickets: $16 adults, $12 children 3-12.

Florida Railroad Museum, 12210 83rd St. E., Parrish, FL

If you’ve ever wanted to be the victim of a good, old-fashioned train robbery, the Florida Railroad Museum has just the event for you.

Old West Train Robbery


Join us as the Gang tries again for an Old West Train Robbery at the Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum in Manatee County, FL. The Marshal’s are short handed and looking for help from the passengers to fend off the Cowboys quest for the gold! It all starts on Saturday and Sunday, April 9th and 10th at 11AM and 2PM each day. Tickets are $12 for Adults and $10 for Children 3-11. The Museum is located just north of the railroad tracks and State Road 62 on US 301 in Parrish. The Depot is east of US 301 behind the US Post Office. See our LINKS page for the link to their website for further information and tickets.

Four times this weekend, passengers on the museum’s train will get to experience a robbery by the Hole in the Expose_0(a nod to the Hole in the Wall Gang, which included Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, in case you’re not up on your Old West outlaw history). The gang has apparently heard that there’s some kind of valuable shipment on board the train, and they’re intent on keeping it from reaching its intended destination.

It’s all play-acting, of course, but just in case the action gets a little scary, make-believe members of the U.S. Marshal Service will be on hand to protect the passengers and the loot.







It all takes place on the on the museum’s heritage railroad, which takes passengers on a six-mile trek around Manatee County on a restored train that includes locomotives that go back to the early 1950s and cars from the 1920s.


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