Get Your Island On!

Located at 5253 Ocean Blvd, Sarasota, FL (Siesta Key)


What we do


If you have not been to Gilligan’s in a while or you just haven’t been, come hang out at the back patio fire pit, grab a Tropical Libation at the “Paradise Found” Tiki Bar, throw back some shots inside at the main bar, or dance the night away!


Gilligan’s Island Bar is located in the center of the Village of Siesta Key. It’s tiki bar exterior is sure to catch your eye and interest as you stroll or drive through the Village. Gilligan’s may look a little rough around the edges to you, but don’t pass it by. It is a Florida beach bar at its best. It is fun, and you will have a great time there. The drinks are cold and refreshing, and the crowd is lively at this Florida beach bar.


This Florida beach bar features live music every night of the week, The floors are covered with sand, and there are surfboards mounted on the walls. There is an old VW bus parked in the restaurant and behind this is the kitchen. It sure brings back memories of the old Hippie days. Gilligan’s is a popular Florida beach bar during spring break, for sure. You can never drive by Gilligan’s or walk by Gilligan’s without hearing some pretty fantastic live music. No trip to Siesta Key is complete without visiting Gilligan’s.


The age of the crowd will depend on the time of day and the band that is playing. The patio behind the bar has a nice tropical feel and is unique. There is a stage out there for music and tables and chairs and even some shops.

Gilligan’s is famous for their Fishbowl Cocktails. Order one of those, plan to share and sit back and watch the crowd walk the Ocean Blvd. on Siesta Key.

Happy hour is from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. No wonder Gilligan’s is a popular Siesta Key bar, and you will see why when you visit this great Florida beach bar.


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