A little about myself and how Things to do in Florida came about.  I was born in North Carolina, and my family moved to Florida when I was just 3 years old.  I haven’t left since. With Florida’s beautiful beaches, and lively people it’s no wonder so many people from all over the world make it their home.  I love to explore and see new things.  I attend many events.  Knowing I am out and about allot; I’ve been asked what’s going on this weekend –  both in person and online.  I started a spreadsheet for future events and thought why not share it with family and friends.

I look forward to sharing upcoming events, happening all over Florida. I do not consider this as a chore; it’s something I enjoy doing.

Here on my Website, Facebook and Twitter I post,  share, and receive events from many people that are located in Florida.

I plan to share my experiences as I attend local events and share pictures. 

I hope you enjoy it too.

Follow Things to do in Fla on twitter @thingstodoinfla

Everything you ever wanted to know about me.


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